88′ Florida: the High-Tech « Coupé »

This is a Yacht like no other!

Riva bring their classic lines and timeless beauty to the fore, then couple it with impressive technology and innovation in the convertible top. Usually reserved for the automotive world this innovation brings the yacht of the future, to you today.

This new craft has a 26.84-meter (88 ft. 1 in.) overall length and a beam of 6.22 meters /20 ft. 5 in.).

The convertible feature is amazingly controlled by one single button, making it effortless to operate. Sensors are located near all moving parts ensuring the safety of everyone on board when the conversion is taking place. A touch screen display in the pilot station provides the captain with complete control at all times.

A fabulous convertible Top

The hard top has been expertly crafted to fit in perfectly with the deckhouse shape and the sporty windshield and roll bar.

When stored forward and closed the top is held in place by it’s arms, locking to the main body of the yacht.

Once in Coupé configuration the top is locked to the windshield and roll bar by means of an electro-hydraulic anchoring system.

The arms can then be disconnected and stored away safely in the deckhouse.

The new 88’Florida is equipped with high performance MTU engines, either with two MTU 16 V 200 M93, 2435 mhp (maximum speed of 38.5 knots) or with a more powerful configuration: two MTU 16 V 200 M94, 2638 mhp engines (maximum speed of 40.5 knots).

Warm Sophisticated Interiors

Indoors the yacht is iconic as you would imagine,

Thanks to the wonderful creativity and endeavor of designer Mauro Micheli this craft is truly one of a kind. A yacht as elegant as this offering both Coupé and Open styles is truly a technological marvel, flawless in every department it is a sight to behold.

Should you be interested in getting further information about the 88′ Florida by Riva (quotation, sea trial, brochure…), please click here or send an email to

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