AK 650: a revolutionary boat driving with a Kite!

A maneuverable boat with impressive performance

AK 650

It has 4 berths, including a large berth forward and two coffin berths. A small outboard engine makes it easy to go out to sea and return to

AK 650

AK 650

With its 7 cm of draft, there is no need for a buoy or an anchor, it’s possible to beach the boat directly to enjoy the sun and the day.

This is both a high performance and a very safe boat. You can spend time on board with family and children, because the boat does not heel. The maximum heel angle is 15%.

An ideal navigation comfort for family outings

AK 650

Unlike conventional boats, the AK 650 can accelerate very quickly, especially when coming out of turns, jibing or coming about.

AK 650

With the AK 650 it’s possible to kite sail as a team: one person manages the kite, the other the helm. The kite attaches to the deck with two back lines, two forward lines and a fifth line. To begin, the kite gets inflated. Once inflated all the lines are pulled tight. Then the kite goes into the water and laid out, then the kite is launched, and the fun begins.

The kite handler sits and directs the back lines, in a safe position, using two blocks. The seated position is perfect for beginners, because it allows you to concentrate on the kite alone.

On this model you have two asymmetrical daggerboards, which can be raised or lowered very easily. Armorkite offers a second model with a

AK 650

The kite lines are controlled by an electric winch, which allow the kite to fly at up to 50 meters. On the boat there are three control systems: one for the forward lines, one for the back lines and one for the fifth line called the « safety », which releases the kite in case of heavy wind or any problem, and brings it safely back on board.

The AK 650 is a very innovative boat. It’s not sailing, it’s not kite-surfing, it’s kite-sailing. Kite-sailing is a new and unique water sport experience.

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Stephanie Geslin