Allures 39.9: new aluminum vessel at Boot 2014 in Düsseldorf

Allures Yachting, a boatyard located in Normandy, France, that concentrates on the construction of aluminum sailing yachts, is showing its 12.65 m Allures 39.9 as its new vessel from 18 to 26 January at Boot 2014 in Düsseldorf.

The Allures 39.9 is the latest model from the French company, Allures Yachting, which is specializing in sailing trips. This new model, with an aluminum hull and composite structure is an integral sailing dinghy, specially designed for shorthanded cruises. Choose Your Boat is pleased to present to you the major advantages of this monohull.

Allures 39.9 is easy to operate with a small crew

Allures 39.9

The Allures 39.9 is a comfortable 40 foot sailboat which is ideal for safe offshore sailing. On board this magnificent dinghy, all the maneuvers lead back to the cockpit. The reductions of the wings are significant (as well as front sails before the mainsail). Winches are voluntarily placed within reach, just next to the bar, allowing for solo or duo navigation.

The rig version “cutter” avoids from moving the bow to reduce sails in case of bad weather for example. The Gennaker on emmaganiseur is also controllable from the cockpit.

On the front deck, at the foot of the headsails and reels, there is an anchor. 70 meters of chains can be operated in this location or again from the cockpit by means of a remote control.

A convenient and customizable boat

The Allures 39.9 has been designed for practicality. The Tonneau cover and storage are great examples of this. Many storage areas

Allures 39.9

As on all the Allures boats, the electronics are adapted to the navigation program of the owner. This is one of the strong points of the manufacturer. Allures Yachting adjusts the construction of the boat to fit your needs. Some owners prefer a central screen on the table, while others choose to double the equipment on each bar for a full cockpit.

Allures Yachting also personalizes your boat by offering a wide range of equipment for energy production. Also, for your energy independence, you can equip your boat as this one, 280 watts of solar panels and wind turbines. A hydro generator can complete the installation as well. Some owners add their AIS antenna and a wireless internet antenna. The electrical supply is centralized to manage all the power of the boat from a single table.

A bright, comfortable and very well equipped interior

The interior of the boat, an engineering perfectly designed, offers real comfort on board! Its contemporary design allows it to meet the current expectations in terms of brightness and friendliness. The kitchen is very modern with drawer fridges and a thoughtful work plan that has been designed to enjoy comfort at sea and at anchor. Plenty of storage even allows the possibility for a microwave. The double sink in synthetic stone has also been a huge success.

The kitchen is a friendly environment thanks to the proximity of the square room which makes a nice open living space. For even more of a friendly environment, the manufacturer has focused its efforts on the brightness of the boat and the height of the bars. You might be surprised by the number of windows that make up the area about two meters high. Finally, vertical windows allow for a nice view of the sea from the living room table.

In addition to two large and comfortable cabins with plenty of storage space for cruising long-term, an area is 100 percent dedicated to the art of the rear starboard of the boat to store all of the necessary equipment. This is very important for long cruises!

Allures 39.9 has a high level of security

The first level of security of this dinghy is provided by the material components such as aluminum which reinforces in case of

Allures 39.9

The large card table can prepare and monitor VHF, navigation with AIS, battery management, the heating system and the control of all the systems aboard. On the Allure, you have a standard detector which ensures no electrical leakage through the hull.

The “plus” safety of this boat is at its daggerboard. This lift system is simple as there is no electric winch or hydraulic system. The drift has been specially designed to be read directly from the cockpit in case of shallow areas.

We can conclude that the Allures 39.9 is ideal for long cruises and the specifications of each owner.

If you would like more information about this 39.9 Allures, you can visit Allures Yachting booth at Boot 2014 in Düsseldorf Hall/Stand16/D 42 ( or contact


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