ALLURES 52: A prestige choice


Collaboration producing a stunning yacht

The yacht was built as a result of an extensive collaboration that involved designers,



There would be no limits, meaning that the owner would be able to enjoy speed and comfort, with the design reflecting the need to create a yacht that would provide a comprehensive living space.

ALLURES 52 : The sleek exterior


The yacht makes use of a carefully designed helm-station, where it’s possible for an individual to control the vessel. This is a craft that has been built for use in a wide variety of weather conditions.

ALLURES 52 : Luxury and comfort within


The interior of the ALLURES 52 manages to combine modern design elements with practical additions. There is an awareness of a need for interior accessories to allow for a real flow through the craft, with household appliances being seamlessly integrated within the overall design. There is also ample storage space, demonstrating that recognition of the ALLURES 52 as providing a living space, as well as an opportunity to push performance boundaries.


The ALLURES 52 mixes the contemporary with classical elegance, as is evident when examining the interior furnishings and accessories. Although the craft has been designed to produce impressive performance levels. This has not been achieved at the expense of luxury and comfort. A strong focus on using only the finest quality additions helps this vessel to stand out from the crowd. With solid wood throughout, the ALLURES 52 takes yacht interiors to a new level.

ALLURES 52 Specifications

Length : 16,30 m

Maximum Beam : 4,70 m

Draft : 1,23 / 3,10 m

Displacement : 16,9 T

Air draft : 21,6 m

Engine : 75 CV

Main sail : 62 m2

Solent : 61 m2

Architect : Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design


The Avant Premiere of this nice ALLURES 52 will take place during the Yachting Festival in Cannes in France from September 8th to 13rd. .

For more information the ALLURES 52 (brochure, boatshow, meeting, sea trial…Etc), please click here or send a message at

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