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Hello, I’m the sales manager for the Allures Yachting shipyard. He is currently aboard the ALLURES 52, the latest model in the line. Please, join us onboard, let’s have a look at this Allures ocean cruiser.

ALLURES 52 : an extraordinary resistance

allures 52

The other peculiarity of ocean cruisers is that they must be designed and conceived to be

allures 52

The cockpit of the ALLURES 52 was designed to be easy to maneuver with a small crew. From the cockpit you can operate the reefing lines, halyards, sail sheets. Thanks to the electric winches, it’s easy to trim the sails, or hoist the mainsail or gennaker with a small crew or even alone. As we go back towards the helm, there are the primary winches, where we can control the mainsail and foresails. So even the helmsman alone, on

allures 52

Advancing to the side decks, we can see the long handrails. The side decks are wide and safe, and it’s easy to hold on to the handrail. Here we are at the foot of the mast. We see that the boat is equipped with a fully battened mainsail on ball bearing cars and is equipped with a rigid lazy bag from ALBA. At the owner’s request, this boat was built with a custom made hardtop, as you can see at me left. This hardtop ensures protection and comfortable cruising even in harsher climates. The space under the hardtop can serve as a watch post, and

allures 52

Aft, there are two stay sail roller furlers, a solent and a jib, both maneuverable from the cockpit. Once again, it’s easy to set and trim sails without leaving the cockpit. One can also do this with the electric winches when there is a small crew. We also see that the spinnaker pole is installed along the mast. For large cruisers, when the trade winds are up or with a strong enough tailwind, it’s ideal to use a symmetrical spinnaker. It is also possible to install a gennaker on the bowsprit at the end of the pulpit. With this setup the fore stay will be in front of the solent stay.

ALLURES 52 : spacious and ergonomic

And now the cabin of the ALLURES 52. Here you can see the interior design with woodwork in American cherry. The interior is available in two versions. New owners can also decide on lighter colored woodwork. Owners can also chose to have three cabins with two bathrooms and toilets and customized bunk beds in the front cabin.


At the chart table there is access to all the navigation equipment: the plotter, the VHF radio and other means of communication such as satellite antennas or Iridium satellite systems. It also includes climate controls and comfort features, such as the generator switch, the battery charger control, heating and air conditioning. On the other side of the wall, at the rear, there is a touch screen, where one can manage the water and diesel tanks.

This boat is equipped with two 750 liters tanks: one for water and one for diesel. On moving aft, we find the central console, underneath which is the lifting keel system; the aluminum housing in which the keel pivots. The keel, in this case, is not a weighted keel. All the ballast is located in the bilges. On this type of boat, the keel functions simply as drift control. The boat’s stability comes from the ballast located in the bilges. The lifting keel, when up, gives the boat a draft of 1m10, and when down, 3m10. This affords this type of boat good performance and a true sense of freedom in navigation. The lifting keel is operated from the chart table with a hydraulic system.


On the other side, under the seats, there is a large amount of accessible storage. When planning a long cruise with a crew, it’s important to be able to store supplies in accessible locations. These areas also provide access to certain technical equipment or tanks. There are also large hatches that allow access to the hull structure.

In the kitchen, traffic is facilitated by handrails allowing the crew to move safely, even in rougher waters. From the stairs down and throughout the kitchen, one is able to move about the boat securely. There are two refrigerators and a freezer. The center console is designed to store a maximum of kitchen equipment. There are large drawers and closets where you can store supplies, pots and pans or dishes. And what is especially nice about it is that it is easily accessible. One can store a lot of things, and it is all easy to get to. The counter top is in Corian.

There are two stainless steel sinks and cupboards. And a little further on, we come to the fore owner’s cabin. The bunk beds are normally configured as a sofa, but convert into two bunk beds for children. That makes this a family cabin with bunk beds. Once again, under the bed there are large drawers and storage. To port there is a wardrobe.

In the other available interior layout, there is a little more volume. It is equipped with a central bed and the bathroom to starboard at the entrance to the cabin.

So, you’ll find the owner’s cabin with a private bathroom and a second bathroom, to the aft.


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