BALI 4.3: make your next catamaran a LOFT!

Bali 4.2

The sleek 42 foot boat has a central platform that is completely free from bulkheads and features a huge glass door that can be easily retracted using struts. This gives a living space of 30m2 with panoramic views across the ocean, with a choice of cosy or loft mode that can be transformed in an instant.

Bali 4.2

The BALI 4.3 LOFT benefits from all the innovations of the BALI 4.5 with a range of great features that include a combined lounge and cockpit that is fully flush with no rear beam, a wheelhouse located on the fly-bridge and ample space forward and in the cockpit for sunbathing, lunching or just enjoying the ocean views.

This new catamaran offers exceptional comfort and self-sufficiency. It contains a forward-facing galley, water and fuel tanks with a capacity of 800 litres (221 US gal) and energy-saving electrical appliances that include a full-sized American fridge.

Bali 4.2

Bali 4.2

The BALI 4.3 LOFT offers a great experience on the water for all types of sailor, from expert to novice. It combines performance with safety and includes a self-tacking option and a battened mainsail track with a trolley.

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The BALI 4.3 LOFT Specifications:

– Conception : Olivier PONCIN

– Naval Architect : Xavier FAŸ

– Interior design : Hervé COUEDEL

– Overall length : 12,75 m / 41,83 ft

– Beam : 7,12 m / 23,35 ft

– Waterline lenght : 12,25 m / 39,30 ft

– Draft : 1,20 m / 39,30 ft

– Light displacement : 10,2 t

– Maximum displacement : 14,25t

– Sail area : 93,9m² / 1011 sq ft

– Mainsail area : 54,6m² / 587,7 sq ft

– Solent : 37,5m²/403 sq ft

– Fresh water : 800 l / 221 us gal

– Engines : 2 x 40cv up to 2 x 50hp

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