Cap Camarat 4.7 CC of Jeanneau, a good quality package offer – price

This is a world exclusive with a new entry-level model which is fun to drive and economically and financially very interesting. The Cap Camarat 4.7 CC benefits from an exceptional price (please note that the price mentioned in this video is only for France for detailed prices in your country reach your Jeanneau dealer : This price includes the boat, a PAM trailer to transport the boat, and a 40 horsepower engine.

40 or 50 horsepower motor

A 50 horse power engine is also available and optional.

Standard, the boat is equipped with a nurse of 25 liters provided by the motorist but it is also possible to choose as an option an integrated 60 liter tank including a fuel gauge and a storage space under the steering wheel.

Exceptional Space and Comfort

Jeanneau has managed to exploit the boat of 4.8m so that as much space is freed up as possible, allowing for many people to

The rear seats were pushed back as far as possible to free up a big space permitting circulation on the boat.

At the front of the Cap Camarat 4.7 CC, an open space in the shape of a U offers additional seating in front of the Cap Camarat 4.7 console. This space can be equipped with a cockpit table as well as a large sundeck of 1.7m, which is unique for this type of boat.

Adapted and clever storage

At the console area, thanks to a clever system of cylinder switches in the front, there is large storage area for upholstery and the cockpit table.

All of the design elements that make the success of the Cap Camarat model by Jeanneau have been kept on this new model (the console or the hull).

If you would like more information about this Cap Camarat 4.7 offer and prices by Jeanneau, contact directly your Jeanneau dealer near to you or contact Choose Your Boat.

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