Cap Camarat 6.5 Bow Rider: the outboard for all lifestyles

Cap Camarat 6.5 Bow Rider: ergonomic wheelhouse

The hull is, after all, exactly the same as the 6.5 CC and 6.5 Walk Around. It is a hull with proven performance, renowned for its sea worthiness and compatibility with a wide variety of engines from 130 to 200 hp.

The Cap Camarat 6.5 Bow Rider is the result of influences from different American and Scandinavian designs. Though users needs are indeed diverse, the boat is suited for everyone, as a summer boat for the whole family, whatever activity you’re interested in.

Jeanneau has paid particular attention to driving ergonomics. Though it’s possible to drive in the bolster seat, in a

Cap Camarat 6.5 Bow Rider: ingenious and user-friendly

Also to aft, there is a unique feature, the backrest is built with a locking

The advantage of the Cap Camarat 6.5 Bow Rider, with the wrap around windshield, is the ability to install the soft top rapidly and protect the family in case the weather deteriorates. You’ll also notice the hinged backrest which gives easy access aft, with the two large standard platforms. There is a storage locker in the port platform. There are optional extended platforms. They that increase the living area on the boat and open it further aft to swimming activities. It is also possible to install a wake board tower. This option opens up plenty of other boating activities. But the wake board tower is obviously not compatible with the bimini or soft top. However, when the wake board tower is installed, there are several options for protection from the sun on the market.

This boat’s strongest suit is its versatility. This is a real alternative to a center console or open boat. There are two cockpits, better movement on board and better protection for the family. The Cap Camarat 6.5 Bow Rider is the perfect family boat.

For more details about the Cap Camarat 6.5 Bow Rider (specifications, size, prices, etc), click here or contact us directly by email:

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