Dubai Eagerly Anticipates Gulf Craft Yacht Launches


The luxury fly-bridge super-yachts were first unveiled in January 2015, when Gulf Craft launched all three into the water within one week. Whilst also featuring at the Kuwait Yacht Show in February and at the forthcoming Singapore Yacht Show in April, the UAE-based shipbuilder has deemed the Dubai International Boat Show to be the ideal platform for their global launch.

Gulf Craft’s Exquisite Yacht Design


The ‘Majesty 122’, which boasts an overall length of over thirty-seven metres,

Majesty 122

Gulf Carft

Revelation of New Gulf Craft Brand


Achievements such as launching three super-yachts into the water in one week demonstrate Gulf Craft’s continually rising credentials, and visitors attending the Dubai International Boat Show are in for a special treat. Not only is it the venue for the global launch of the three new ‘Majesty’ super-yachts, but Gulf Craft will also be launching a new brand of yachts. With the first yacht in the new line being revealed only at the event, there is widespread and eager speculation. Gulf Craft have teased that the new brand is focussed on enjoying panoramic coastlines.

An Exciting Year for Gulf Craft

Majesty 155

If you would like to receive more details about he Gulf Craft models (brochure, private quote, meeting, sea trial,…) or if you wish to organise a meeting at the Dubai International Boat Show, please send us an email by clicking here: Choose Your Boat.

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