DUFOUR 310 Grand Large: a real challenging vessel

The DUFOUR 310 Grand Large is the smallest yacht that has been constructed by the Dufour Yachts company in the past 20 years. Its development involved considerable challenges. The yacht contains all of the features that you would expect to find on larger vessels. It represents an impressive feat of design and engineering.

New deck Style and safe vessel

Dufour 310

The sail system can be fitted to the side of the boat. So, the cockpit area is kept completely clear, without any lines providing obstructions. This is particularly welcome when the yacht is moored or anchored.

Easy passage is provided along the sides of the boat, ensuring that operating the DUFOUR

Dufour 310

The self-tacking equipment, together with the tall mast, has been designed to make it that much easier to manoeuvre the yacht and helps to maximize performance levels. The boom height has also been designed with ease of use in mind, reducing the difficulty associated with handling the boat.

An incredibly sophisticated below deck

Dufour 310

Within the open space, a sofa has been provided, which can quickly be transformed to

Dufour 310

Many of the details that have been developed for larger boats within the range are also present on the DUFOUR 310. Close attention has been paid to the ergonomics and general layout of the yacht, avoiding sharp corners and seeking to provide extended curved surfaces where possible.

Dufour 310

The galley is well equipped, including a fridge, sink, shelving and an oven, together with two burners. Every aspect of the DUFOUR 310 Grand Large is designed to make the most of the space that’s available. The bottle storage compartment is accessed using a small hatch within the floor of the galley.

A separate compartment offers a shower, while there is also an aft master cabin. The

Dufour 310

Despite the focus on beautiful design, consideration has also been given to ensuring that there is suitable access to the engine. Such access is available from the sides of the boat, as well as from within the interior. This is allows the owner, or service specialists, to perform appropriate maintenance tasks.

For further details about the new DUFOUR 310 Grand Large (private quote, brochure, sea trial…), please click here or send us an email to

Photos: Guido Cantini /

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