DUFOUR 350 Grand Large: a concentrate of ingenuity

The new DUFOUR 350 Grand Large is the latest model of the Grand Large range by Dufour Yachts, representing a well detailed yacht that has been finished to the very highest standards.

Performance and maximum control

The yacht represents an upgrade on the impressive DUFOUR 350, with the addition of a number of features, many of which came about as a result of feedback from clients. For example, there is a uniquely spacious cockpit area on this 35-foot vessel.

The DUFOUR 350 reflects the product DNA that has made this range of models such a

The main sail is easily controlled from the rear of the boat, ensuring guaranteed performance and maximum control, without having any negative impact on comfort levels within the cockpit. Careful thought has been given to the location of the winches too. They are perfectly positioned for maintaining control of the vessel.

There is a large space available at the front of the yacht, offering the perfect position for a sunbed. In this area of the boat, there is also an anchor that is larger than that found on many other vessels of the same size. The cutting edge system that is being used has also enabled the fitting of a Code Zero sail, which can be used for closer reaching in light air, or as an alternative to a spinnaker.

The Code Zero system guarantees better performance in all weather conditions and improved safety levels. It also ensures that it’s relatively easy for an individual to sail the yacht without the need for assistance.

Modular solutions combine comfort with flexibility

The galley includes a fridge, two sinks and a fully functional oven, together with three

Leather details have been added to remove sharp corners, making it more comfortable to move around the yacht. There are two designs available for buyers of the DUFOUR 350. You can opt to have two cabins within one head, or three cabins with one head. This offers flexibility. You can choose an extended shower compartment or three cabins.

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