DUFOUR 382 Grand Large: High Flexibility, Innovation and Comfort

The DUFOUR 382 Grand Large is the 27th boat to be developed as a result of the long-term cooperation between DUFOUR and the respected naval architect, Umberto Felci. It has been dubbed the ‘flexible innovator’ and follows on from the success of the previous 365, 375 and 380 models, with various changes made in order to improve both the performance and comfort levels.

Dufour 382

Despite its high performance capability, the design basis of the DUFOUR 382 Grand Large is a simple, easy sailing experience. An emphasis has been placed on space and ease of use, ensuring that owners are able to sail the boat either on their own, or with additional crew members, depending on their individual needs and preferences.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Effort

Turning to their previous track record in developing both full yachts and racing yachts, the DUFOUR 382 Grand Large manages to include various design points of the latter. In the process, they have created a faster boat, which is capable of better overall performance levels than previous models.

Dufour 382

When designing the boat, DUFOUR adopted an approach of wanting owners to be able to achieve the highest performance levels with minimal effort required. The high aspect ratio of the rig layout provides maximum sail lift and optimum efficiency, while an optional second winch also allows for further boosts to performance.

Increased Comfort

By making use of feedback provided by 65, 375 and 380 model clients, a number of notable design changes have been implemented, in order to ensure that the DUFOUR 382 Grand Large provides the best comfort levels possible and offers an improved all-round experience for those on board.

Dufour 382


One of the major strengths of the 382 Grand Large is its customisation potential. The boat was designed specifically with customisation in mind, allowing the needs of all customers to be met. The gallery area, in particular, allows for excellent scope in terms of modification. Six different layouts are available.

Dufour 382

Customers are able to make use of a traditional L-shaped gallery, or a more Mediterranean layout, enabling DUFOUR to appeal to the needs and preferences of people from a variety of locations around the world. Moreover, making use of the longitudinal galley layout opens up the possibility of a second head. The Grand Large can provide a challenge to many of the bigger boats on the market.

Should you be interested in seeing the new DUFOUR 382 Grand Large soon, please not that she will be on display at the Paris (Nautic) and Düsseldorf boat shows.

Fore more informations about the DUFOUR 382 (quote, brochure, sea trial…), please click here or send us an email to

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