Dufour 56 Exclusive: a Haute-Couture sailing yacht !

The Dufour 56 Exclusive is the Dufour Yachts newest boat for 2016-2017. The Exclusive line is built on innovation, luxury, with a unique design and features unlike any other boat in its class.

Dufour 56 Exclusive: flexible and powerful

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

In collaboration with Umberto Felci, Dufour Yachts wanted firstly to develop a modern hull design. As a result, we have a new signature hull inspired by automotive design, with contour lines that gives the boat a real visual identity.

A considerable effort was also put into the deck. The flush deck stands out immediately, with the elegant panels, the halyards and sheets hidden under the roof, and also the deck material, a high-quality teak with gray seals, equipped with toe rails and a beautiful king plank that accents the line of the boat.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

All of which places the Dufour 56 Exclusive at the high end of its class. At the bow, the integrated bow pulpit lengthens and streamlines the boat. In its form, one immediately sees the elegance and pure line, signature of Umberto Felci.

The Exclusive line will also set itself apart in terms of equipment. This is a segment in which our customers must be able to customize and equip their boats as they desire. Indeed, Dufour Yachts have always been extremely seaworthy.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

Today, though sailboats are increasing in size, they still need to be comfortable and easy to manoeuvre. Aboard the Dufour 56 Exclusive, it’s easy to see our attention to ease of operation, which is clearly illustrated by the new fully integrated consoles that bring together all the boat’s equipment: the winches, the aft platform lift or the forward and aft stern thrusters. The throttle is also very easy to access.

At the helm, all the necessary equipment to control and manoeuvre the boat is at hand. As a result, even single handed navigation aboard the Dufour 56 Exclusive is calm and effortless. The German sheeting system is also a very important tool. All the controls for mainsail and jib manoeuvers are directly managed at the helms, which are in a symmetrical dual helm layout.

Dufour 56 Exclusive: clever and welcoming cockpit

One immediately notices the spacious cockpit with an open, uncluttered rear platform, which also folds away to form a very visually pleasing transom. The rear platform is 1m long.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

It incorporates a cleverly fitted bathing ladder and hides a very large capacity tender garage that also serves as storage for fenders, ropes and other accessories for activities and recreation. Boarding is also very impressive, by wide steps, 1 meter wide, where two people can easily pass, and also leads to the open cockpit space.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

Dufour is among the first shipyards in the sailboat industry to have built in such a feature. There is a hidden built-in outdoor kitchen under the rear cockpit seating with a gas grill which will allow you to cook your catch directly, and also sink. It is a cleverly integrated space that prolongs the cockpit and which, in a very attractive and functional way livens up life aboard ship.

The cockpit of the Dufour 56 Exclusive is certainly one of the highlights of the boat. The large benches are 2.5 meters long. They give plenty of space to stretch out for sunbathing, or to sit and eat at the large central table.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

The benches are equipped with very thick cushions and high quality upholstery for really optimal comfort. The cockpit seating to port can be converted into a sun bed by folding out a panel. Another important feature which is a part of on board safety: the cockpit is closed. The sailboat is also safe. The cockpit table was designed to offer the best compromise between passage through the cockpit, and passenger seating comfort for lunches or dinner. It has two leaves that fold out easily and a fridge cleverly integrated directly under the table, avoiding unnecessary traffic aboard. This design offers all the spaces needed to live comfortably outside.

Dufour 56 Exclusive: comfortable and luxurious interior

The Dufour 56 Exclusive is very open and very wide, with multiple zones distributed according to various functions. There is a real functional chart table which is fundamental for a Dufour blue water sailing yacht. The interior was designed not only to be refined, but also welcoming. You’ll find open cubbyholes, flowing lines, with touches of leather, of wood paneling and solid wood that are numerous. They give the inside of the boat a wealth of style and a real personality. The boat is extremely well lit by the skylights, cabin windows and lateral portholes. This natural light is really very pleasant in everyday use.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

The forward kitchen configuration is the best layout for a boat of this size. The wide-open space allows you to take advantage of a separation, between the galley area and the rest of the saloon, while still maintaining communication with your guests. A double sink will really make the space efficient and keeps the kitchen clean. The dishwasher is built-in to the galley cabinet. There is a large capacity fridge with two large compartments, and a microwave area with an additional counter top. So back to port, you find a range with three burners and an integrated oven.

The saloon table has the distinction of having a very elegant design with beautiful solid wood construction and built-in Corian. But it is also easy to use. It is equipped with an electronic lift controlled with two buttons and very easily allows the saloon table to convert into an extra berth.

Bulkhead panels are finished in leather. The upholstery is in high-quality nubuck leather that is very pleasant to the touch. The cushions themselves have been designed to have the optimal seating angle.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

The owner’s private space is equipped with a very large bed and beautifully built-in on the port side. To starboard, there is a full sitting area with a desk and vanity for madam, with all the necessary storage and a mirror to be able to get prepared. The open cubbyholes take us back to the Exclusive line design principals… the homey feeling that is spacious and airy.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

Again, lighting is very important and it comes from the two skylights, which make the cabin very nice. In terms of interior storage, Dufour decided to optimize functionality and make use of all the spaces possible on board. A large wardrobe, and under the berth, all the space has been used with a series of drawers on both sides. The head is also in harmony with the design concept of the Exclusive line with solid wood counter tops, wooden cubbyholes and high quality fittings.

As a self-respecting French shipyard, Dufour equipped the boat with a wine cellar that is built-in to the hold, in order to keep the wine cool. There is also bottle storage elsewhere around the boat.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

The Dufour 56 Exclusive is available in several different layouts. A version with 3 cabins and 3 heads, a version with 4cabins and 4 heads and also a version with 4 cabins and an additional Pullman berth. Obviously, all the versions include the skipper’s cabin at the bow, in place of a sail locker, that we like to call the skipper suite as it is very spacious and comfortable for the sailor.

Photo © Jean-Marie Liot

The Dufour 56 Exclusive is a very luxurious boat, extremely seaworthy, with a stunning design and exceptional comfort and features. To take this the design concept even further, Dufour prepared a surprise for you. At night, the boat is something magnificent. The built-in LED accent lighting on the bulwarks and on the consoles, there is even LED lighting underwater.

For more details about the Dufour 56 Exclusive (specifications, size, prices, etc) click here or contact us directly by email at:

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