Jeanneau Merry Fisher 755 Marlin is innovative and ingenious!

It’s from the innovative quality that the Choose My Boat team visited the new Merry Fisher 755 Marlin of the Jeanneau boatyard during the Grand Pavois 2013. Come take a look and discover into every nook and cranny, this ideal boat for fishing and recreational use.

An outstanding cockpit!

Merry Fisher 755 Marlin

At the back of the boat, fishers can enjoy a comfortable work area, secured by a handrail and equipped with a large built-in sink. There are cup holders as well as bins for storing the fishing accessories. In the center there is a cutting board for the preparation of fishing bait.

Smooth Circulation

A lateral passageway, built to starboard and to port, eases movement and circulation. It’s nice to be able to walk around the entire

Merry Fisher 755 Marlin

In addition to this, there are several doors, up to 3, depending on the configuration, which is chosen by you (two sliding doors and the rear door). At the steering wheel, the three doors of the Merry Fisher 755 Marlin allow for more fluidity. The starboard side door leads directly into the cockpit.

These openings therefore allow for the pilot to have immediate access to all areas of the boat with maximum safety thanks to its deck.

The second cockpit, which is a very cozy area situated in the front of the boat, allows for fishing and relaxation.

Clever sheltering

Merry Fisher 755 Marlin

There are 2 Bolster seats with front seat lifts; several fixed seating, as well as a fold up seat at the entry. This is also a great location to watch the action of fishing.

Optional, a sliding table mounted on a stainless steel tube can be installed on the boat, creating a comfortable ambiance (by turning the Bolster seats) and a friendly space for several people without ever leaving the controls.

There are two bins for receiving pressurized water with 100-liter tanks, which are convertible and another large storage area located under the floor.

The bow can be equipped with cushions offering a double berth. Under the mattresses are multiple chests.

Finally, note that the Merry Fisher 755 Marlin is accredited with a maximum engine of up to 200 hp, allowing for a speed of 33 knots (29 knots with an engine of 150 hp). Further information and specifications on

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