MERRY FISHER 1095: the new XL signed by Jeanneau

A fantastic boat is born, at the leading-edge of market innovation, Jeanneau’s Merry Fisher 1095. If you remember just two years ago Jeanneau launched the Merry Fisher 895. It replaced the superb Merry Fisher 855 and opened a new pathway for the market segment with two closed cabins and outboard motors. This time, Jeanneau forged ahead, increased the size for greater cruising comfort, but maintained the outboard motors. 

So it was with the combined experience of the 895 and the 855, and thanks to the great customer feedback Jeanneau received, that they were able to develop the Merry Fisher 1095. Many of their customers wanted to continue with outboard motors, because they are reliable and easy to use. Their use is a trend in this market segment.

To accommodate the outboards Jeanneau developed firstly a new and specific hull. Because it’s a real challenge to make a large outboard motorboat that is comfortable, the shipyard conducted a long series of tank tests in designing the hull. The results are beyond our expectations. The boat works very well with 2 300 horsepower motors, but it also works very well with 2 250 horsepower motors.

Maximum speeds are around 37 knots, but the boat is also able to cruise more slowly, in comfort, planing at 16-17 knots. But above all it has the ability to remain level and therefore is easy to handle at all speeds. People can accelerate, slow down and accelerate again without pushing the motors too hard.

Merry Fisher 1095 : comfortable even Speed

So we obviously find all the Merry Fisher line DNA in this boat, including the very large and welcoming cockpit saloon. It is possible to have a large teak table here, to seat many guests at lunch time. It is also possible to transform the saloon into a large sun deck. To do this, simply remove the  table, install this very lightweight aluminum support… It sets in here and is supported by both seats. And then just add the cushions and you have a very big sun deck.

This Merry Fisher 1095 also has an aft, port side access door. It’s this backrest, here, that opens. If the mooring configuration requires port side access, this makes it possible to disembark using the port side platform. The bench is mounted on rails and slides forward to optimize space. When the motors are lowered the space is at it’s largest. But when the engines are raised a usable cockpit remains. The access door remains functional when the bench is moved forward. 

On the port side, there is a comfortable saloon with two face-to-face benches and a folding table. The interesting thing about the folding table is that it allows for this bench to face forward. The ventilation on this boat is excellent. There are large windows with excellent visibility. This large window opens and really lets the outside in, especially when in the co-pilot seat. There are also two sliding roof panels and a side door next to the helm.

The cockpit is located to starboard. There is an adjustable steering

Merry Fisher 1095 : ever greater Spaces 

Coming back to the storage, there is a lot in the owner’s cabin with

And finally, something really remarkable on the 1095, this beautiful head with a sink, a separate toilet and especially a very nice shower equipped with a seat.

Just as with the owner’s cabin, the second and third cabins have excellent natural light with skylights in the ceiling and very large hull windows with a view of the sea.

In conclusion, Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095 brings a lot of innovation to this class of boats. A real cruiser with three cabins, a beautiful head, and outboard motors with really fantastic handling.

For more information about the Merry Fisher 1095 by Jeanneau (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here. You can also send an email at

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