MERRY FISHER 605 Marlin: New Sliding Helm Design

After the success of the Merry Fisher 6 Marlin, Jeanneau presents a new fishing type boat in the 6 meter category: the Merry Fisher 605 Marlin. This superb boat is full of innovations and great features. Very simple but cleverly designed, it can be customized with different options.

Merry Fisher 605 Marlin: Fluidity of the movements

Merry Fisher 605 Marlin

The space offered on board is the utmost for this size boat. The

Merryf Fisher 605 Marlin

Merry Fisher 605 Marlin

One advantage of a fully open wheelhouse is the easy access to the forward storage area which has several lockers, including a large waterproof locker located in the center, which is lockable with a padlock.

On this new Merry Fisher 605 Marlin, Jeanneau presents a new sliding helm design. The helm can of course be set

Merry Fisher 605 Marlin

Merry Fisher 605 Marlin

The Merry Fisher 605 Marlin is built for outboard engines. It is very efficient and very pleasant with the largest engine, which is 115 horsepower. Maximum speeds are around 30 knots and the cruising speed is above 20 knots. But this boat can also run with smaller engines, 100 or 70 horsepower, depending on the intended use.

Merry Fisher 605 Marlin: The boat full of great features

Main access is to starboard through a transom gate, which also secures the aft of the boat. To the port side, there is also a gate which is convenient depending on your mooring.

Standard equipment includes a seat in front of each transom gate. The boat can be equipped with different optional

Merry Fisher 605 Marlin

The copilot seat to port unlocks to tilt forward for access to a sink and an optional manual water system. Under this sink there is a waterproof storage locker, for even more storage, and there is the same type of waterproof locker, under the deck. All the available space on this boat is put to use. And further, in terms of storage, under the aft cockpit there is a large waterproof locker that can be locked, where the battery switch and battery tray are located.

On the transom there is a fishing table high enough for good safety. There is also a cutting table that can be raised to allow for the outboard to be lifted. Next to the motor compartment, under the port side seat there is a livewell, located under the cushion with a removable drain pipe.

Merry Fisher 605 Marlin

For more information about the Merry Fisher 605 Marlin by Jeanneau (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here.

You can also send an email at, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

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