NC 14 by Jeanneau: Your Maritime Passport to Bliss

In reference to maritime style and sophistication, the NC 14 is considered to be the flagship in the Jeanneau line of boats. There are several unique characteristics that set this model apart from the majority of luxury boats currently on the market. These will allow the NC 14 to be ideal for leisure cruises, long-term excursions or indeed any activity that requires both luxury and functionality. So, it proves wise to have a further look at some of the amenities that this model has to offer.

Accommodations and Design

Like all NC models, this version embraces the concept of a « flat on the water ». Using flush flooring surfaces, multipurpose furniture and an open environment, the very social nature of this boat is clear. This is largely accomplished by modular furniture and features such as a galley that remains hidden on the port side until it needs to be used. Likewise, the aft saloon can be adjusted to accommodate for more space; again stressing the modular and adaptable nature of this boat.

One of the unique features of all NC models by Jeanneau is the fact that many of the functional items are obscured from view, thus allowing for

Relaxation Defined

Another feature that has been espoused in this model is the ability for all guests to relax while on any excursion. A stunning example of this is a dining area that can be easily transformed into a comfortable sofa. Large glass windows provide excellent views of the sea while the electrically powered overhead skylights offer ample lighting.

The roomy sleeping cabin provides a wide berth for two people to rest comfortably. A large single bed can also be modified into two separate beds if necessary. The guest cabin can similarly be transformed from a single sleeping area into two double berths. Private bathroom access is also provided for the guest room.

Modern Navigation

The NC 14 is equipped with a feature known as IPS drive. This system is available in two models; the IPS 500 offering a Volvo engine with higher horsepower and a top speed above an impressive thirty knots. The advantage that the IPS system provides is that regardless of speed, fuel consumption remains constant.  This immensely saves on petrol during any journey. It can be easily controlled by joystick and steering wheel, therefore allowing the boat to be navigated with ease. A sliding door equipped in the pilot’s area provides easy access to the gangway. This system will also enable the captain to more easily dock the boat.

Espousing a melange of all of the traditional elements in the range of NC models, the Jeanneau NC 14 is the definition of style, space and luxury.  These are some of the primary reasons as to why this truly magnificent boat continues to attract so much attention.

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