Neel 45: a unique and fast trimaran suitable for long journeys

During the Festival of Cannes we visited one of the new flagships of the Boat Show. The NEEL 45, is a trimaran cruiser made in La Rochelle by the NEEL TRIMARANS company.

Trimarans are wonderful boats and are much faster and comfortable than the others because they have a way with the sea that is unparalleled to other boats. They also offer a high level of security.

Timarans are built for any type of weather!

Neel 45

There are also 6 solar panels (3 on each side) which provide a total autonomous energy because they produce 800 amps, enough to cover the electricity needs on board (including the fridges which consume a lot).

On the NEEL 45 we find a lot of storage spread throughout the 3 shells. This allows to host up to 10 people on the boat. Movement and circulation are favored on board because virtually the entire surface of the trimaran is  a Bungalow style (there is only a 10cm step on board).

Efficiency, centralization of maneuvers and rapidity at sea

The rigging is picked up enough that it emphasizes the behavior of the boat at sea. The different sails allow the boat to adapt to all

Neel 45

The NEEL 45 trimaran was designed to be ideal for a couple and therefore is operable by one person at sea. All the electronics, engine controls, sail and retractor controls are centralized at the helm. The assistance of an autopilot is also proposed and the trimaran can be piloted from the inside.

We have known for a very long time that the trimaran is the fastest and yet the most steady at sea. NEEL 45 often goes up to 9 or 10 knots on average for an offshore cruise (21 knots at top speed). The monohulls go up to 5 knots on average and the catamarans between 6 and 7. This trimaran therefore provides significantly higher efficiency as it can evoke a top speed which is 50 percent more compared to other boats. Thanks to its configuration the engine of the boat is also less consuming.

A unique and innovative interior with a great view of the sea

Neel 45

The cabins have been designed so that you end up lying down in front of the sea with a glass surface of 2 meters. The view is stunning and will not be found on any other boat. You can read, sleep, rest, all while facing the sea.

Each cabin of the NEEL has been designed and engineered to last, there is numerous storage, and lots of space.

The real kitchen, worthy of being in an apartment, is situated in the middle of the boat in the passage at the central level of the platform. The materials were selected based on their performance and durability while also remaining lightweight. The saloon and card table offer a perfect panorama 360 degree view whether you are sitting or standing.

Neel 45

The heating isolation was also well designed by keeping in mind air circulation with a structure not allowing heat to return.

Finally, the cellar under the floorboard of the central hull is dedicated to the embedded systems (engine, generator, water and gas tanks, batteries, etc.). This weight is centered at the bottom of the boat to maintain performance.

Remember that it is possible to rent or try out any NEEL trimaran in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Rochelle, etc.

For more information about this NEEL 45 trimaran from NEEL TRIMARANS or if you would like to run a test trial, you can contact directly Choose Your Boat.

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