New Sun Odyssey range: successfully refreshed

Sun Odyssey New line

Building upon the high design standards set by the Sun Odyssey 349, the new Jeanneau range includes significant improvements.

Introducing a contemporary bowsprit

Sun Odyssey New line

With the introduction of a modern bowsprit, those vessels now take their inspiration from racing yachts, seeking to provide more flexible sailing options.

Mid-range models now include extended aft platforms, offering three times as much space as was previously the case. This makes it easier for owners and guests to gain access to the sea, increasing leisure options.

Stunning interiors

Sun Odyssey New line

The interiors have been improved, offering an even more appealing atmosphere, with the impressive use of indirect LED lighting within the saloon area. Attention has been given to ensuring that a warm, welcoming environment is created throughout.

Modern upholstery options help to provide all of the home comforts that any owner might expect. There is also considerable flexibility, allowing interiors to be designed to meet personal tastes. Owners can specify many of the details, including the type of floorboards to be used.

The refreshed fleet of Sun Odyssey yachts ensure that buyers have numerous innovative,

Sun Odyssey New line

Sun Odyssey 349, which you can discover on a guided tour video. Sun Odyssey 389 – NEW Sun Odyssey 419 – NEW Sun Odyssey 449 – NEW Sun Odyssey 479 – NEW Sun Odyssey 519 – NEW

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