Oceanis 51.1: The cruising yacht new generation

The Oceanis 51.1 is the first model in the Oceanis line’s seventh generation. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of this line. We created this new boat leveraging all our experience. This boat was developed with three main principles. First of all « Smart », for the elegant and ingeniously designed boat, then, of course, « Comfort » as this is a cruising boat and finally « Fast » because we wanted to offer a proper fast cruiser.

Oceanis 51.1: A new hull for new layouts

Oceanis 51.1

Concerning dingy storage, instead of compromising the interior and reducing the size of the rear cabins, we opted for easy to use, retractable davits. We redesign the cockpit layout to offer you even more comfort. There are no longer areas with winches and seats close together. We moved everything to do with maneuvering, the halyards, sheets and winches to aft at the helm stations. So the deck layout is all about safety. Young children can be protected under the Bimini, at the front of the cockpit. Everything to do with maneuvering, anything that might be a bit dangerous, like winches for example, are located in one place. It is also an ideal deck layout for people who want to sail alone or shorthanded. We have the electronics on the console and all the winches right at hand.

In the middle of the cockpit there is a very large dining table that can easily accommodate six to eight people. There

Oceanis 51.1

is a 30-liter fridge forward, several cup-holders and a compass to aft for navigation. Finally, at the front of the cockpit, there are two very comfortable sunbathing areas, with an easy to use backrest. Storage volume is something very important on a cruising boat. So we decided to create dedicated storage for the life raft in the cockpit table. This frees up all the other storage lockers for your equipment. There are very deep lockers under the seats to both starboard and port, line storage bags on each side of the cockpit, and to aft a very large locker for storing fenders and mooring lines with access through the starboard helm seat and also through a very large, central deck hatch.

Oceanis 51.1

The bowsprit – anchor integration is beautifully done. Forward, there is a tack for the spinnaker, then one for the

Oceanis 51.1

For this new generation of Oceanis, Olivier Racoupeau, our naval architect, has created five different rigging designs to meet the needs of various owners. Here we have the Carbon mast with the canoe boom. It is a taller, high performance mast that comes with the First Line package that also incorporates high end deck hardware and winches. The standard rigging includes a furling mast and a self-tacking jib. This configuration requires only one winch per helm station. So it makes sailing extremely simple.

Oceanis 51.1: Light and space

Oceanis 51.1

The galley is ideal to use at sea. There are Corian fiddles and hand rails so one can stand securely when heeled over.

Oceanis 51.1

Oceanis 51.1

The owner’s cabin is worthy of a 60 feet boat. The bed is 1 meter 60 wide and 2 meters 05 long, with walk around

Oceanis 51.1

There is a large drawer under the bed with even more storage forward, for travel bags or linens, for example. On the rear bulkhead, there is a large mirror, with a tray for your phone or sunglasses and finally, shoe storage. To starboard there is the shower cabin, with a separate wash room. It’s a beautiful space with a seat and also storage for your towels. On the port side, the head is once again a very bright space, with a sink and toilet made with quality materials like the Corian counter-top.

Oceanis 51.1
Oceanis 51.1

Considerable time was spent on the technical design of the boat to allow easy service access to everything to do with valves or electrical panels. In the engine compartment we have the 110-horsepower propeller shaft engine. Look at all the space there is around the engine to perform maintenance. It is an ideal workspace. There is also the possibility to access the rear of the engine through both aft cabin. The standard version includes an 80-horsepower engine with a Saildrive, there is also the option of an 80 horsepower Dock & Go.

For more information about the Oceanis 51.1 by Bénéteau (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here or send an email at, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

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