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OUTREMER 45: an ideal catamaran for long cruises

The new Outremer 45 is the latest model in the line, at 45 feet, or 13.7 meters long, weighing 8 tons. The boat is built for extended cruising and longer tours in general either around the Atlantic or around the world, with a small crew, family or single-handed. Welcome aboard, lets have a look around.

The boat is equipped for easy maneuvering. All control lines for the mainsail and the self tacking jib run to the helm, where one can also control the optional gennaker, code 0 or code D furler, all of which have halyards running to the helm. The general idea was to design a boat that could be handled easily by a small crew or single-handed.

Outremer 45

There is a lot of forward hull length so the trampolines are very large. The hulls on the Outremer 45 are narrow so as to enhance hydro dynamic performance, which is also improved with the bow length forward of the mast.

The trampolines are separated by a central beam which houses the anchor. This design makes for simple handling. You can weigh anchor from the helm remotely or directly at the windlass, which is operable from both places.

With the self-tacking jib and the mainsheet run to the helm, there is little maneuvering needed to change tack, the boat almost turns itself. The boat is designed for maximum simplicity.

The life raft is arranged in the port trampoline, because it acts to balance the boats weight and is well out of the way. Speaking of weight balancing, the water and diesel tanks (each 300 liters) are situated forward of the mast. There are two very large, forward, lockers that can store equipment, sails and even the tender. There is plenty of storage space in the hulls on both sides.

For sail handling, the standard setup has a winch on each side of the mast. But on this boat the owner wanted all the lines run to the helm. So we have two winches at the helm and all control lines running back. The standard forward rigging is at a convenient height, in an ergonomic position and is very easy to operate.

If you need to access the roof, there is a small step to reach the rigid Bimini which allows for easy access to the sail. So, all operations are very simple. The reefing lines, halyards and sheets are all run to the helm. So all the maneuvers can be done from the helm. We have the primary and secondary winches, both are electric, and to the right the engine controls, all well laid-out. At Outremer, something we find very important is visibility at the helm. This is a rather crucial point, one must be able to see every corner of the boat from the helm, this makes maneuvering around the port or in tight spots safer and easier.

There is a leaning post at the helm. The owner of this boat requested a dodger for protection from the sun and rain. We have one of the very

 interesting Outremer design features: the secondary, tiller equipped, helm station. These are very comfortable seats, and once you’ve settled in you get a real feeling for the boat that many thought impossible with Catamarans cruisers. With the instruments and the surroundings clearly in view, being at the tiller is a real pleasure. Once again, the helm is very functional, everything is at hand so as to easily maneuver single-handedly. The cockpit and maneuvering areas are separated by 2 steps.

Take a step down and you are in the cockpit. The cockpit is comfortable and in two parts. Cockpit layout is asymmetrical, with ample space around the table facing a corner bench seat. Access to the transom platform or the starboard helm station is aft. Both helm stations have a good view of the sails, and are designed to be open, to get a good feeling for the wind, and to be able to see what is happening. This is really one of the special and distinctive Outremer catamaran features: the pleasure and feel of the boat at the tiller.

All Outremer boats are equipped with daggerboards, which are essential for good close-hauled, upwind performance, to go a little faster downwind and especially for proper balance. By simply hauling in on the daggerboard line, it is lowered or raised. With the daggerboard up, draft is 85cm, which allows for access to anchorages that are more remote and often uncrowded. With the daggerboards down the draft is 2 meters, which guarantees higher sailing into the wind and greater speed.

On this boat, we added a code zero, which is actually a large and light Genoa, so we see on the deck an additional pulley and winch both used for the code zero.

outremer 45

The tender, as is often the case with Catamarans, is easy to get into the water and maneuver. With a single line, the tender is lowered and launched in no time. The transom platforms are very ergonomic and make access to either the water for a swim, or to the tender, a breeze.

The Outremer 45 has 2 30HP VOLVO engines that reach a top speed of 8.5 knots. If you need greater autonomy the boat can sustain between 6.5 and 6.8 knots on one engine at 2,200 rpms. This is made possible by twin hull hydro-dynamics and the low wetted surface area. It is thus possible to cruise at a good speed without consuming a lot of diesel. In addition, with only one engine running, one of the hulls will be completely silent, so if someone wants to sleep, running a motor is not a problem.

But Outremer catamarans are, above all, made to to sail. On this boat speeds on the order of 80 to 90% of the true wind speed are easily reached. For example, with a 4 to 5 knot wind, the Outremer 45 can reach 3.8-4.5 knots, which enables real sailing even in light wind, and even upwind. In normal winds, and after experimenting with the boat, its easy to reach speeds of 15 to 20 knots. Even at high speed the helm of the Outremer responds with precision, and from the tillers there is always the unique feel of the boat. When the daggerboards are raised, the boat is very forgiving and very easy to maneuver.

The 45 has an innovative cockpit. It is well thought out and harmonizes the indoor and outdoor spaces. Throughout, one is on the same level.

outremer 45

On this boat the saloon table can be converted into a berth bylowering onto its telescopic legs. This was also a special request from the client.

The chart table is fairly standard, it is facing forward, there is a good working space and very good visibility. One can remain present to the boat and the surroundings while working on navigation.

There is an L-shaped kitchen, a cooktop with two burners, an oven, freezer and refrigerator on the port side. There is a second refrigerator on this boat in the owners hull. Once again, this is the kind of request that Outremer is happy to satisfy.

There is also storage space under all the benches, and cabinet space just about everywhere. For ventilation, there are two large windows opening forward, two portholes above the kitchen and on the sides of the saloon.

Going down to the starboard hull, the owner’s hull, there is yet another large and highly functional storage cabinet for the kitchen. The removable bins can go shopping with you, and be stowed full. This cabinet can also be used as a wardrobe.

So we have a fairly standard owners hull, with a single cabin and a 1.60 x 2m double berth. The cabin is airy, well ventilated and very bright. There are storage spaces under the berth and at the sides. A sliding door closes the cabin for privacy, the optional fridge is  otherwise this space provides additional storage. There is also a large deep closet.

The daggerboard trunks on the Outremer 45 are inclined and off center. They interfere very little with passage, getting around is quite easy. Forward, there is a very large head, with a separate shower. All spaces are customizable. We like to make custom boats, to collaborate with the owners on a project, and together create a unique vessel. All our boats are custom made, one by one.

The port side, or guest hull has two double berths. This boat is a standard version with three cabins. This lay-out is the most popular, preferred

Access to the engines is from the outside. The engine hold is accessible through a deck hatch on the transom. The desalination system is installed as well but the control panel is easily accessible from the exterior, through a waterproof hatch.

On the Outremer, electrical autonomy is a priority. One example of this is the redundant battery systems. If there is a failure it is possible to start an engine with the battery on the opposite side. When needed, one can start an engine on whichever battery is in service, the transfer is transparent from one to the other. This kind of system can help avoid difficult situations, if you have a battery or an engine that has a problem.

With well designed and easily accessible maneuvering areas, moving around the boat is safe and secure, wether with a small crew or single handed. In conclusion, the Outremer 45 is a boat that is made for long voyages, and ready to travel far and wide, both simply and reliably.

Thank you for coming on the tour, it’s a good way to discover the boat. But nothing can replace actually sailing the Outremer 45. So don’t hesitate! for more informations about the Outremer 45 (quote, sea trial, brochure…), please click here or send us an email to

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