OUTREMER 4X has been boosted by Loïck Peyron

Welcome aboard the Outremer 4X, new for 2016. This is a performance version of the Outremer 45 which has sold nearly 30 units and has been developed in collaboration with Loïck Peyron, the boat’s sponsor. The 4X is lengthened, lightened and boosted with a larger sail area for true performance fans.

The boat has well designed ergonomics, with an asymmetrical cockpit, access to the transom platform to starboard and just two steps to get to the helm. You can leave the cockpit table in place to allow children to play or eat. They won’t hinder maneuvers in the least. There are two winches, even though all the control lines and halyards are accessible at the helm.

The bimini is in part a rigid hardtop. So, you have easy access to the sail. The boom is at an accessible height so closing the bag is easy. It’s possible to increase the width of the bimini with the removable side panels that are attached with retractable carbon fiber fittings. So, you can combine good full coverage cockpit protection with good ergonomics, ease of operation and good visibility. One can get around very easily by removing the fittings.

We have two winches

There are Kevlar stays and textile lashing that really help to save the maximum in weight. This was our idea with this boat, to constantly search for weight savings all around. This includes options such as a carbon mast and lithium batteries, which are actually standard on this boat. But we were also looking to optimize the structure of the boat with carbon bulkheads, reinforcements on chain plates and numerous carbon reinforcements.

The carbon fiber seats of course. Even the dagger boards. Because, like all Outremer boats the 4X has dagger boards that provide outstanding upwind performance, more speed downwind and access to less frequented anchorages with less than 90 cm of draft.

For the tanks, all the weight is close to the boat’s center of gravity. We have 336 liters of water and 440 liters of diesel, which guarantees good cruising autonomy because cruising on one engine at 6 knots, the average fuel economy is barely three liters per 100km. So you will have more than 150 hours of motor cruising autonomy.

The life raft is also placed very close to the center of gravity for better

At the front of each hull is a large sail locker that is equipped with an access ladder and is able to store all your equipment including paddles, bikes, and also all of the sails. The locker volume is truly exceptional.

Carbon handrails guarantee you safety without adding extra weight. The side decks are very wide; getting around on deck is very easy. To starboard you have a winch that can handle the Genoa halyard or the main sheet, which is a double German sheet, and capable of being maneuvered on both sides if there is a crew.

The starboard helm is symmetrical with the port side. It has the instrumentation just at eye level, installed at an angle that allows for better visibility. Getting down into the cockpit is simple with just two steps. The cockpit is fully open to the saloon and they are both on the same level. This is one of the great advantages of this boat. Both standing or sitting, in the cockpit or saloon you have 360 degrees of vision. While preparing meals in the galley, you remain in contact with the

The table easily seats six people. Some owners choose the option of a telescoping table and cushions that transform the table into a berth for the night, to welcome friends, or possibly also to use as a watch berth. Saloon seating is L shaped. The chart table is oriented forward so as to have good visibility.

It is equipped with a rotating-bar seat, which can also be used at the table, which is a very practical feature. The buttons on the electrical panel are of course protected by a panel. At the chart table you can install all the electronics needed. On this boat the owner chose to leave this space free for a large computer screen. There is also space for a music system.

The saloon is also equipped with fans. There is good ventilation through large portholes. They provide excellent ventilation with the cockpit opening . A small porthole opens above the hob. The cook-top has two or three burners and a lot of storage space. There is convenient storage with removable plastic drawers. They are really convenient when shopping. The ergonomics of the boat are really well thought out and owners are generally quite pleased.

The bathroom is really spacious, with a beautiful volume. It is also well ventilated with opening portholes and the same large side panel with a beautiful view of the sea. There is also a large shower all the way forward.

On the port side, the aft cabin is symmetrical with the starboard cabin, also with lots of openings and light. There is storage space on the sides, in the wardrobe and also under the bed. There are even a lot of usable storage spaces under the floor. In the forward cabin, the berth is a little narrower but still very comfortable for two people. It also has a small window on the inside of the hull, which allows for good passive ventilation. It is also excellent because this porthole is under the trampoline. And when you are anchored against the wind, one can easily create a draft through the hull with the opening in the rear cabin.

The port side passageway bathroom combines a shower, a toilet and a large sink. This is also where we find the escape hatch. It is still a beautiful volume with a very spacious shower.

In conclusion, with over thirty years of experience, Outremer has managed to make a boat that combines the highest levels of performance and extraordinary quality of life on-board. You’re going to love it!

For more details about the Outremer 4X (specifications, size, prices, etc) click here or contact us directly by email at:

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