PRESTIGE 450 makes life on board superbly comfortable!

Spectacular in every way, the PRESTIGE 450 by PRESTIGE YACHTS manages to merge superior performance with premium fittings and a host of innovative features that combine luxury and hi-performance. Suitable for anyone who enjoys maritime pursuits, this boat offers a practical and attractive option as well as representing excellent value for money. Choose Your Boat spent a day on board to detail you below the key features offered by this exciting craft!

Prestige 450

Easy to use and providing a number of advantages over more traditional choices, the Inboard Performance System (IPS) is available in both the 500 and 600 models on the PRESTIGE 450. The IPS offers superb acceleration and considerable manoeuvrability even at low speeds. It also results in a quiet engine and minimal vibration. Enhanced safety and minimal maintenance combined with straight-forward operation are added benefits. The installation of this and other technological advances make any voyage special.

The PRESTIGE 450 Offers All Modern Conveniences

Prestige 450

From the dedicated head and separate shower adjacent to the Master Bedroom to the options of a washing machine, dishwasher or icemaker in the kitchen area, the PRESTIGE 450 is well-appointed and designed to provide everything you would expect to find at home. Even a television is provided, carefully mounted for safe storage when not in use. Generous storage is available throughout the craft, allowing you to undertake a longer voyage fully equipped with everything needed. As well as traditional cupboards and lockers, there are also a number of larger, concealed spaces suitable for ropes, supplies or similar items.

Prestige 450

Skilful design has ensured that every inch of the boat is utilised, giving an air of spaciousness which is extremely appealing. The door from the deck to the lounge area is generously proportioned, providing a spectacular vista astern. The access passageway from the stern to the bow is wide and safe, allowing easy progress even when the wind begins to rise. A large bridge and sun balcony offer additional areas for relaxation and a chance to take in the views.

Considerable attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the PRESTIGE 450’s construction. The living areas are beautifully fitted out with a

Prestige 450

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