Summerland 40, signed by Foutaine Pajot Motor Yachts

During the Cannes Boatshow 2013, our team had the opportunity to visit the Summerland 40, marking as well the entry of the Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts.

Big Beautiful Interiors

Summerland 40

This boat offers great comfort in terms of cruising and life on board. Inside

Summerland 40

On the port side, you will find two guest cabins with great ventilation, many storage places and a bathroom between the two rooms.

In the back of the boat you benefit from a technical room in which you can place: a generator, heating, an additional fridge, etc. This allows for these items to be stored away, thus allowing for more space on the boat.

A Detailed Master Suite

Summerland 40

Exceptional for a boat of 40 feet, where all of the width of the boat has been taken into consideration, the starboard offers a beautiful elevated master suite. You will find two big storage closets and bathrooms with a separated shower room.

40 Less Consumption

When taking into consideration the performance of this SUMMERLAND 40, it is important to note that it offers the

Summerland 40

Should you know more about the SUMMERLAND 40 by FOUNTAINE PAJOT, either enter your email on the pop-up of this screen, send an email to: Choose Your Boat or ask for a quote on: Fountaine Pajot web Site.

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