Tricat 25 Evolution: a trimaran to sail further and in a different way !

The Tricat 25 Evolution is the flagship of the Tricat shipyard, it measures 7.70 meters and is a remarkable transportable trimaran. Choose Your Boat offers a guided and detailed tour that has been filmed during the Nautic 2013 in Paris.

The Tricat 25 Evolution is foldable and transportable

Tricat 25 evolution

In terms of construction, this trimaran is

Tricat 25 evolution

Tricat 25 Evolution

Outside, there are two terraces on each side that allow you to enjoy spacious trampolines. Another major feature, its 20 cm draught is perfect to stop near beaches. Finally, the performances are very high because they are twice as big as a monocoque of an equivalent size. Its assets therefore enable it to go to other places and to sail differently.

An interior area suitable for 4 people

The interior is designed for four people and is ideal for sailing with the family during the weekend or

Tricat 25 evolution

Thus, all these standard equipment are of good quality. The fittings are renowned professionally, which allows all sailing lovers to have a good time on board the trimaran. Whether it’s for a boat ride, a nice fishing trip with friends or for a family cruise in the Mediterranean, this is the perfect boat that will let you combine the pleasure on the sea and relaxation.

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