WETA 4.4 Easy to assemble, this trimaran makes sailing fun and is great for 3

The WETA 4.4 is a small, lightweight sport trimaran which was developed in New Zealand.   It is extremely easy to assemble and use, and can be sailed by one to three people. The versatile and forgiving nature of this innovative trimaran makes sailing fun and accessible for everyone.

Easy to Assemble

Safety and Stability

The centre hull is 4.4m long and the boat’s width is 3.5m. Being almost as wide as it is long provides extremely good stability as well as power. The small cockpit is comfortable and secure, making it ideal for use with young children, and the lack of a boom makes accidents less likely. Should you be overpowered, the floats have an important design feature. In a big gust, rather than letting the boat lift the hull, the leeward float will push on the water and at the same time pull under water a little to stabilise the boat. This gives you a lot of stability and makes the WETA very forgiving.

Fun on the Water

Sailing a WETA 4.4 is closer to sailing a sports dinghy than a catamaran. A long carbon stick allows full-length hiking with a foot in the straps, exactly as you would on dinghy.  You can really hike out and stabilise the boat to maximise speed. The Mylar sails give a lot of power to the boat, and there is also a gennaker that sits on a carbon bow spit. The sails are very easy to use, being raised or lowered with a simple tug on the sheet. Sailing is easy and safe, with three sails easily managed single-handed. The WETA 4.4 is an ideal boat for racing, enjoying time with the family and for learning to sail.

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