ZEPPELIN, customizing the semi-rigid is trendy and affordable!

ZEPPELIN, a changing society


Equipment, finishes, and custom colors

The brand wanted to differentiate from the black boats which usually characterize the market of the Zeppelin semi-rigid. The


On the stand, one of the boats has a float of 3 colors, made at the request of a client. The upholstery were made to match the colors of the boat, with different materials and designs a little more elaborate than the classic white, gray, and black which are typically found. The expertise in painting of ZEPPELIN is also proven here. The shiny stainless steel is a classic in the boating world and now some clients ask for it to be painted over. This requires very special paints: it consists of a powdered paint which is baked and has a better conventional rigidness than a polyurethane paint.

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It is not because the semi-rigid ZEPPELINs are specially designed and manufactured that they are more expensive than other models on the market.

Beyond aesthetics, these boats are also very marine like, very comfortable, and the difference is seen by taking it out on the water, so don’t hesitate to ask for a trial.

To receive more information on the range of semi-rigid ZEPPELINs, please contact directly, Choose Your Boat.

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