BENETEAU and SUZUKI: 50 Years of Boat Show!

beneteau suzuki

Commemorating Their Synergy with Style

beneteau suzuki

At this next event, spectators can expect nothing less than awe-inspiring displays of perfection from both Beneteau and Suzuki.  Four bespoke and stylised VanVan motorbikes prepared by MFC Paris will be on display; each bearing the colours of these magnificent brands.  However, we can naturally anticipate a bit of streamlined action alongside such attractions.

A trio of Beneteau Flyers will sail from the Ile des Impressionnistes to Port Javel (in Paris).  This stretch of fifty kilomatres along the Seine River will be accompanied by the Suzuki motorbikes flanking the Flyers.  Known as the « Furious 50s », fans of racing and sailing will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle while reminiscing about how much progress both leaders have made.  Thereafter, the bikes and the boats will head over to the stands.  Perhaps most importantly, the motorbikes will be raffled off to a lucky winner who signed a boat purchase contract during the event itself.  So, there are many more rewards than simply partaking in the spectacles of sailing and racing.

While these bikes were crafted by none other than Style & Design, it is worth noting that the Beneteau Flyers also employ the latest technological innovations by Suzuki Marine for their propulsion.

Flyer 6

All Images : DR BENETEAU

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